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copper slag as cement replacement in greece

Application of slag technology to recycling of solid waste. sme annual meeting, denver, co, usa 02252891. 6 mavroulidou, m., liya, n. (2015). properties of concrete containing waste copper slag as a fine aggregate replacement. proceedings of the 14th international conference on environmental science and technology, rhodes, greece.

  • Influence Of Copper Slag In Concrete As Partial

    3) vast quantities of copper slag are produced from manufacturing of our project we are using the copper slag by replacing natural fine aggregate at different percentage like (0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100). b. objective of the investigation 1) the use.

  • Research Paper To Study The Performance Of Copper

    80 replacement of copper slag, concrete gain more strength than normal concrete strength. the flexural strength of concrete found to be increased by 14 with 30 replacement of copper slag. 8 2. research objectives 1. to find the optimum proportion of copper slag that can be used as a.

  • A Study On Partial Replacement Of Cement By Micro

    A2 4 micro silica and 20 copper slag a3 8 micro silica and 40 copper slag a4 12 micro silica and 60 copper slag 5. mix proportions a30 grade of concrete casted. the design is is based on is 102622009. the quantities obtained from this design were correlated with efnarc specifications. the quantities were tabulated in table 1.

  • Assessment Of The Harmfulness Of The Slags From Copper

    Application of slag technology to recycling of solid waste. sme annual meeting, denver, co, usa 02252891. 6 mavroulidou, m., liya, n. (2015). properties of concrete containing waste copper slag as a fine aggregate replacement. proceedings of the 14th international conference on environmental science and technology, rhodes, greece.

  • Preliminary Study On Geopolymer Concrete Using Copper Slag

    Abstract: geopolymer concrete (gpc) is becoming a sustainable concrete when comparing to ordinary portland cement (opc) concrete. this investigation is mainly focused on the preliminary study on fly ash (fa) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) based gpc using copper slag (cs) and vermiculite (vm) as fine aggregate replacement at different levels (0, 20.

  • Use Of Copper Slag And Fly Ash In High Strength Concrete

    At 20 incremental copper slag by weight replacement of sand from 0 to 100. the results indicated that the strength of the concrete with less than 40 copper slag replacement was higher than or equal to that of the control specimen and the workability even had a dramatic growth. mostafa khanzadi, ali behnood (2009) presents the.

  • Utilization Of Copper Slag In Cement And Concrete

    The use of copper slag as a pozzolanic material for a partial substitute for ordinary portland cement and its effects on the hydration reactions and properties of mortar and concrete have been reported in several publications (aljabri et al., 2006, taha et al., 2007, malhotra, 1993, tixier et al., 1997, ari o and mobasher, 1999, douglas and mainwaring, 1986, deja and malolepszy, 1989).

  • Studies On Use Of Copper Slag As Replacement Material For

    The percentage of copper slag used for replacement of river sand are 0, 25, 50 and 75 . cement sand mortar joint thickness of 10 and 15 mm. plaster ability of use of copper slag for partial replacement material for river sand. use of copper slag as replacement material for river sand in cement concrete (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 ).

  • Mechanical Properties And Durability Of Concrete With

    Based on these papers copperslag concrete was reported to have similar or even higher strengths than normal concrete at least for modest sand replacements of about 20–40; however this increase was usually followed by a loss in strength so that for high slag contents the strength of the concrete with copper slag is lower than the control (no.

  • Copper Slag For The Recovery Of Metals And Valorisation

    Binder as a replacement of one part of ordinary portland cement (opc). in blended cements, the scm particles are expected to contribute to their final performances due to a chemical role andor a physical filler role. the partial replacement of cement by copper slag results in considerable energy savings and reduced co2 emissions 1. however.

  • Experimental Investigation On Partial Replacement Of

    Cement by 0, 10 and 20 in concrete. copper slag is used as a partial replacement for fine aggregate by 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength are strength parameters studied in this paper experimentally for various combinations of silica fume and copper slag content in concrete.

  • Durability Study Of Concrete Containing Copper Slag As

    Concrete is more than copper slag concrete except 10 replacement level of copper slag. as compared to conventional concrete copper slag concrete with 20, 30 and 40 shown less water absorption i.e.0.225, 0.28 and 0.22 respectively. sl no replacement of copper slag increased decrees in loss of replacement of copper slag.

  • Efficiency Of Chemical And Biological Leaching Of Copper

    Copper slag can also be used in several products, such as aggregates, fills, granules, tiles, and abrasives , while its use in cement and concrete production is considered as one of the most promising options 1,4. supplementary cementitious materials (scms) are usually incorporated in a binder as a replacement of one part of ordinary portland.

  • Utilization Of Copper Slag In Msand As Partial

    Copper slag concrete w.r.t conventional concrete v. conclusion by our project, we conclude that strength of concrete increased by the replacement of msand by copper slag, saves concrete material cost. here we are using opc of 53 grade, well graded coarse and fine aggregate. 30 copper slag replacement showed maximum workability.

  • The Use Of Granulated Copper Slag As Cement

    Copper slag in concrete production. copper slag is one of the byproduct materials from the copper smelting. in indonesia, around 400,000 tons of copper slag are produced per year by freeport company and newmont company 3. this number is a motivation for the researchers to study the copper slag as aggregate or cement replacement in concrete.

  • Use Of Copper Slag As Construction Material

    Copper slag is produced. the addition of copper slag as fine aggregate in various bituminous mixes im proves interlocking and eventually improves the volumetric properties as well as the mechanical properties of the mixes. 2 • ppe co r slag is a byproduct of copper extraction by . smelting. 3 • copper slag is a granular solid, ranges from.

  • Copper Slag: 7 Mohs Hardness Open Space Blasting

    Copper slag is successfully used as partial replacement for river sand used in concrete and mortar production. concrete and reinforced concrete are more resistant and durable over time when adding copper slag, being recommended in bridges pillars manufacturing, building blocks, construction etc.

  • Copper Slag: A Professional Blasting Material And An

    Copper slag is widely used in multiple types of applications, as professional blasting material, additive for different types of composite cements, roofing, concrete and mortar, additive in paving tiles industry, granular replacement for different mixtures of hot asphalt, material used for granular roof tiles production and granular base for.

  • A Comprehensive Study On Behaviour Of Concrete With

    Copper slag used in concrete industry as partial replacement of fine aggregates shows great results in reducing the cost of disposal. therefore, concrete made with such waste material shows great impact on workability as well as in durability also.

  • Effect Of Copper Slag On Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

    Fibers and replacement of copper slag with varying percentages of f parameters of steel fiber reinforced and conventional concrete due to replacement of f.a with copper slag are compared. experimental study testing of materials cement ordinary portland cement (opc) conforming to is12269 (53grade) having specific gravity 3.07was used.

  • A Study On Effective Replacement Of Fine Aggregate

    In the manufacture of concrete. also, copper slag exhibits pozzolanic properties since it contains a low cao content and other oxide such as al2o3, sio2, and fe2o3. use of copper slag in the concrete industry as a replacement for cement andor fine aggregates can has the benefits of.

  • Performance Of Copper Slag On Strength As Partial

    Concrete with copper slag fine aggregate, society of materials science, vol. 49, pp. 10971102. arivalagan. s (2013):experimental study on the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams as replacement of copper slag as fine aggregate journal of civil engineering and urbanism volume 3, issue 4(176182).

  • Characteristics Of Blended Geopolymer Concrete Using

    The mix proportioning of geopolymer concrete is given in table 2. overall, mix designations m11, m12, m13 and m14 represent geopolymer concrete mix with 100 crushed stone sand as the fine aggregate and mix designations m21, m22, m23 and m24 represent geopolymer concrete mix having 100 copper slag used as replacement of crushed stone sand.

  • Use Of Waste Copper Slag A Sustainable Material

    The replacement of 30 cement by copper slag reduces the flexural and compressive strength in a similar way to fly ash; however, after 28 days, the reduction is less than the percentage of substitution. the pozzolanic activity of copper slag is similar to that of fly ash and higher than silica fume. in the presence of low watercement ratios.

  • Use Of Copper Slag In Concrete Cr4 Discussion Thread

    Fastcooled iron blast furnace slag (ggbs), steel slag, phosphorus slag, copper slag and lead slag. due to their chemical and mineral. composition, these slags have cementitious andor pozzolanic. properties and can be potentially used as cement main constituents.this from greece research non ferrous slag products copper slag (cs).

  • Properties Of Concrete Containing Waste

    Mixes with copper slag gave concrete with adequate properties, with the optimal sand replacements by watercooled copper slag overall being in the region of 3060. based on the results watercooled copper slag can be considered to be a suitable candidate for the.

  • Study On Mechanical Properties Of Concreteon Partial

    Of copper slag as a supplementary cementing material to concrete production. the concrete batches with copper slag addition presented greater mechanical and durability is also concluded that, the addition of copper slag to concrete results in an increase on the concretes axial compressive and splitting tensile strengths.

  • Experimental Investigation Of Copper Slag Replacement

    Partial replacement of copper slag in fine aggregate and cement reduces the cost of making concrete. replacement of copper slag (100 replacement with sand)increases the self weight of concrete specimens to the maximum of 1518. the initial and final setting time of copper slag admixed concrete is higher than control concrete.

  • Vol. 5 Issue 12 December 2016 Effect Of Copper Slag As

    Replacement of copper slag is 44.44mpa and the highest compressive strength was achieved at 28days by 50 replacement of copper slag and which was found about 53.105mpa, compared with nominal mix (32.33nmm2 and 47.11nmm2).6 shia, meyer amp;behnoodstudied on utilization of copper slag in cement and concrete. the cement, mortar and.

  • Copper Slag General Information Process Products

    The copper slag, the by product of the melting plant of lac, north albania can be used successfully as portland cement substitute in the cement industry. copper slag is one of the materials that is considered as a waste material which could have a promising future in construction industry as partial substitute of either cement or aggregates.